Frequently Asked Questions


Two words: Game. Changing.

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. As of July 1st, 2021, college players at any level can now earn compensation, endorsements, and sponsorships on various platforms for use of their name, image, and likeness.

These exciting changes to collegiate sports allow student-athletes to make a profit on their personas, talent, and personal brand to fund their schooling, living expenses, travels, savings, and more. 

The money generated on compliant NIL marketplace sites like Arizona Assist directly helps student-athletes and allows the program to remain competitive in this new world of collegiate sports. Arizona Assist will also dedicate a portion of the revenue to help former players. 

NIL is NOT part of the recruiting process. NIL does NOT compensate athletes for work not performed. NIL does NOT pay-for-play, meaning the compensation is NOT contingent on student performance. And Arizona Assist is fully compliant with these NIL rules regarding player compensation and monetization. 

Not at all. In fact, NIL laws do not allow institutions to use NIL compensation as encouragement to attend their institution. Arizona Assist is thrilled to work with student-athletes after they choose to become a Wildcat to help them monetize their name, image, and likeness, but we are not part of the recruitment process.

With every membership dollar we raise and with every purchase made on, the overwhelming majority of the money goes straight to the players (once we pay our bills.) 

Membership revenue and the proceeds from an item purchased featuring multiple players (i.e. signed team ball) - as well as all Arizona Assist created items - are divided equally by the team, whereas the purchase of a player’s specific merchandise (i.e. player branded or player-inspired) and any player appearance fees directly support that specific player.

Additionally, each time a customer makes a transaction on Arizona Assist, our “round-up” feature (coming soon!) will allow a specific amount to be “rounded up” to the nearest dollar, and the change is deposited into a separate account that is dedicated to assisting former Arizona Men’s Basketball players.

Yes. While all student agreements are structured similarly, their compensation however - both collective and individual - varies depending on their involvement in the platform or the success of their items or individual brands selling in our marketplace. 

For example, a student-athlete who agrees to a meet-and-greet or an autograph session will be compensated more than a student who does not choose to attend. If a player signs a poster with their likeness on it, then only that player will be compensated. Each student has the power to negotiate the agreements as they see fit and outside of Arizona Assist using their name, image, likeness for promotion, the player’s access and availability is determined by them.

While participation in Arizona Assist is currently focused on scholarship players and those on the active roster, the at-will work agreements with the players protect their funds while they play for Arizona Men’s Basketball and do address the reality that a student-athlete may transfer, leave, or no longer participate in the athletic program. 

We write win-win agreements that are limited in time and scope to best ensure the revenue generated on their behalf helps them while they’re here, benefits them upon graduation or they play professional basketball, and better the team overall.

Student-athletes who sign up with Arizona Assist indicate that they want to earn compensation with NIL opportunities or through revenue streams provided by Arizona Assist, its technology, its partners, and its marketing efforts. 

Players aren’t required to do anything, but can monetize their NIL by maximizing their revenue by promoting their own brands and merchandise, appearing for meet-and-greets, providing autographed merchandise, having their own NFTs, and through social media, business appearances, and more. Players will be fairly compensated when abiding by NIL guidelines.

Arizona Assist is only one venue for student-athletes to explore NIL opportunities and is a non-exclusive agreement with each player. 

We promote student success and individual growth by giving students and the Arizona Men’s Basketball team a marketplace to promote their ideas, image, and player-inspired products. Furthermore, both Arizona Assist and the participating student-athletes must abide by NCAA rules, standard school compliance guidelines, institutional values, and the current NIL laws. 


Arizona Assist is a local marketing and management entity working alongside strategic partners and proud alumni to create the nation’s premier NIL (name, image, likeness) model.

Our goal is to ensure Arizona Men’s Basketball remains competitive in the ever-changing landscape of collegiate sports by connecting fans to the program and players like never before, and by bringing opportunities to our student-athletes so that they can monetize their individual and collective brands.

Every program is different and each NIL platform has their own unique “spin”, but our member-driven marketplace with all its perks, access, one-of-a-kind offerings, and passionate player involvement is the first of its kind, and is poised to become the nation’s premier NIL (name, image, likeness) model.

More importantly, we only work with the Arizona Men’s Basketball team and are solely focused on assisting these student-athletes by bringing them passive income streams, new revenue opportunities, and marketing their NILs so that they can monetize their individual and collective brands.

There are several levels of membership within Arizona Assist - Cat's Club, Top Cats, Century Cats, and Corporate Cats - each with its own exclusivity, perks, and benefits. 

In general though, perks of being part of Arizona Assist include:

- Actively supporting the Arizona Men's Basketball team's NIL efforts

- Site-wide discounts on exclusive merchandise, unique swag, and members-only products

- Ongoing contests and promotions

- Memorabilia, autographed items, and game-worn gear not available to the public and not sold in stores

- Access to unique events, VIP areas, and private functions

- Ability to purchase and collect one-of-a-kind NFTs and digital collectibles 

- Unique access to players, coaches, and experiences not available to the average fan

- Limited edition ‘swag’ and special products designed just for members

- And much more!

No. While Arizona Assist is not an official partner of the U of A, we are the premier NIL partner for the Arizona Men’s Basketball program. 

Arizona Assist is a local marketing and management entity working alongside strategic partners and proud alumni to create the nation’s premier NIL (name, image, likeness) model. 

We are deeply invested in our community and the college, and are here to assist the success of the team, the student-athletes, alumni, the program, and beyond by connecting fans to the program and players like never before, and by bringing opportunities to our student-athletes so that they can monetize their individual and collective brands.

Arizona fans understand “Bear Down” - and that’s what we’re actually doing on behalf of the student-athletes, former players, and the Arizona Men’s Basketball program.

Not at all. In fact, we encourage student-athletes to work with any legitimate entity that may help them monetize their name, image, and likeness.

Because we want the student-athletes to have as many opportunities as possible with the new NIL guidelines, we do not make our contracts exclusive. Keep an eye out on our social media because we’ll share various projects and opportunities that our student-athletes are also working on outside of Arizona Assist. 

Not exactly. Anything you purchase on Arizona Assist - merchandise, memorabilia, autographs, logo'd items, NFTs, etc. - means the players will get paid. For example, if you buy a team ball or an Arizona Assist t-shirt, everyone on the team benefits. Items featuring a specific player or something from a player’s collection mean more money goes directly to that player.

Arizona Assist gives you unprecedented access to the Cats and current member levels include some of these perks already, but if you’re looking for something customized or more creative, we can help. 

Simply email for your player-specific engagement inquiry, and we’ll connect you to the right people and can even help expertly plan your event for a fee.

Become a member of Arizona Assist! Choose one of the membership levels we’ve created or simply contact and we would love to talk to you about how you can support the student-athletes and the Arizona Men’s Basketball program.

Of course! Our program accepts one-time contributions from both individuals and businesses. Please email to learn how you can directly support the players and program by contributing what you’re comfortable with and what, if any, benefits you would receive for that participation.

1) Join the Arizona Assist Club. Choose your level and become a member!

2) Follow us on social media! (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

3) For more questions, contact

Social media is huge! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are our current platforms with more on the way. Connect with us @ArizonaAssist.

If you prefer email, we also send updates, special offers, and the latest ‘drops’ via newsletter. Subscribe to our free newsletter at the bottom of this page and stay in touch with our NIL efforts.

No. Like any club, Arizona Assist is structured as an LLC designed to directly benefit players through financial participation of its members. Though the players directly benefit from all the revenue generated by membership funds, online purchases, etc. - Arizona Assist is not a 501c3. Your involvement is not considered tax-deductible and you cannot deduct the fees from your taxes as a charitable contribution. 

If you are a business owner, we always recommend that you check with your tax professional to discuss any tax advantages with NIL contributions.

College sports have completely changed, and we’ve changed with it.
Having an exclusive member-driven marketplace like Arizona Assist that connects and unites fans with the players and the program they love is crucial to a competitive NIL model and is the way Arizona Men’s basketball will have to compete moving forward. It’s just the reality of the collegiate landscape - and we’re ready for it!

How? By providing the marketplace, the marketing efforts, the products, the expertise, the connections, the staff, the community-driven opportunities, the resources, the creativity, and the expertise to plan, execute, and deliver unique, memorable member’s only events, experiences, and everything in our store. Student-athletes can use our platform and professional experience to create their own merch, form their individual brands, leverage their likeness, attend events they approve of, and more - and make money while doing so!

For now, Arizona Assist only accepts credit and debit card payments for membership and marketplace purchases including:

- American Express

- Visa

- Mastercard

- Discover

- Apple Pay

- Facebook Pay

- Google Pay

- PayPal

- Venmo


NFTs are unique digital assets and extremely limited high-end digital collectables. They can be memorabilia, event tickets, personalized graphic art, or one-of-a-kind digital team or player cards featuring iconic moments or commemorating special events such as an award or autograph, the Sweet 16, a National Title, and more. NFTs are released in limited supply such as a player releasing 100 NFTs of their digital “rookie” card. Sometimes there is only 1 NFT released. Pricing of these digital collectables varies and value is determined by scarcity, popularity, and the marketplace.  


Other than our FREE PROMOTIONAL items or membership incentives, unfortunately, no. But when you pay for shipping, we can price merchandise at affordable rates, offer sweet discounts, and host one-of-a-kind events and experiences.

We’re always restocking our products and updating our website—so check back at a later time! You can also provide us your email address regarding the item you want to purchase and we’ll notify you once it’s back in stock. All you need to do is check your inbox.

Yes. Arizona Men's Basketball has fans all over the world, so we welcome Arizona Assist members from other countries and ship our products globally as well.

Easily! After you sign up for your annual membership, you’ll get a series of three automated emails that will guide you through the simple steps to get your free t-shirt:

1) An email to set up your password

2) An email to say that you successfully set up your account

3) An email that prompts you to add the free t-shirt to your cart…and yes, you can keep shopping and add more items after you add the free t-shirt.

(Pssst…We know you know, but you have to log in to your account to score your free shirt!)


Sure, you can cancel your Cats Club monthly membership any time, no questions asked. But trust us, you won’t want to. $10 a month is a bargain for the benefits you’ll be getting and the big things that we’ve got planned each month for our members. 

As for the annual membership, your commitment and all the benefits is a yearly one (and you’ll see the benefit of being a part of it instantly), but you can certainly cancel Year 2 and beyond as you wish.  

Yes! While your membership does not guarantee any interaction with a student-athlete, access to players is completely determined by THAT player, their availability, and their fee (if applicable). But we will do our best to accommodate every request, connect you with the right people, and try to facilitate the customized experience you’d like – from meet-and-greets, interviews, sponsored pictures, and more. 

We ask that you honor students’ time and talent when working to schedule special events, as they are students first and athletes second. Email with your inquiry.

Good things take time. Great things can sometimes take even longer. As we grow the platform and the Arizona Assist footprint, we will be constantly and consistently adding these perks and benefits into our membership levels and marketplace.  

You are part of something big! But since we’re beholden to the players schedules, program changes, school rules, and the ever-changing NIL landscape, it’s hard to know exactly when some of these items will “go live” and officially become available...just know our team is working hard to make each of these items a reality and that you’ll be the first to know!     

Whichever level you choose, your Arizona Assist membership gives you special perks and one-of-a-kind benefits that ensures the Men's Basketball team remains competitive and has the resources to remain a top program for years to come.

From product discounts to player engagements to ongoing promotions, being a part of the Cats Club means you’ll have access to merchandise, memorabilia, and member-only events and experiences beyond the average fan.

A true win-win, providing avid fans with exclusive access to their favorite Arizona student-athletes through player ‘swag’, products, and perks while allowing the players to earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness.

Join a very exclusive group of 100 of the most committed Wildcat supporters dedicated to ensuring the Arizona Men’s Basketball team continues to stays competitive in the new era of college athletics.

For local businesses and larger brands, this sponsorship option is a great way for business leaders to show their support for the Men’s Basketball program while also capitalizing on unique marketing opportunities.

Yes! Directly. And more than you may realize. Not only does your membership reward the current players and provide a much needed revenue stream for our student-athletes, your contribution helps ensure our program remains competitive in the ever-changing landscape of college basketball.

Yes, while virtual events may be limited to members-only, we know that two is better than one, so for the vast majority of our live events and experiences, etc, you are allowed to bring one a guest - even if they aren’t a member.

In most cases, unfortunately not. We’ll have some events where invited guests are welcome, but like any exclusive club, keeping the events members-only allows us to keep the membership offerings private means other members can enjoy their VIP access and allows us to skillfully plan and deliver at each event. Thanks for understanding! 

If that player agrees, sure thing! Though we don’t negotiate these deals on the player’s behalf and they have the ultimate right of refusal, we will certainly connect you and that player and be the conduit between your brand, business or event and the Arizona Men’s Basketball player or coach you're interested in. 

Moreover, we can promote the visit on our social media and yours and (for a fee) even help organize and execute this event. Reach out to us at to learn more about these unique player opportunities.

The Corporate Cats level is for local businesses and larger brands allowing them to support the student-athletes while showcasing a company, products, and services.

You get the full power of the Arizona Assist brand, our marketing strength, plus our deep community connections and ties to the team.

Your brand or logo will also be seen in way more places than just on our site or online - at our events, in our newsletter, and more, including opportunities to send deals, coupons, or anything you’d like to promote to our members.